Famed interventionist says Ford is a 'raging bull,' who should seek help

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Toronto mayor Rob Ford is now only the figurehead of Toronto – he holds the position in name only. City council voted to strip Ford of his powers this evening following a debate that resembled more of a circus at times. At one point Ford went running around the chamber and literally ran into a fellow councilor leaving her with a fat lip.

"He ran into that woman...I couldn't believe this," says famed interventionist Candy Finnigan. She lives in California and, like many people in the U.S. and around the world, has been watching everything unfold over the past few weeks. "I don't think he means to be physical. He's so out of control. There's no defense."

Finnigan is on the A & E show Intervention. She's been helping people with addiction problems for years and says Ford is a "raging bull."

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